I give illustrated talks about social philosophy, including the link between humans and animals. Groups or organisations interested in a visit please do email:


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22 06 2015
Rolande Burrows

Hello Belinda,
I came across your name when visiting the Kennaway House site. I’m moving to Sidmouth later this year and am interested in widening contacts and exploring ‘things of interest’.

Earlier this year, I’d enquired about enrolling in a philosophy course at my local Uni. (I’m near Oxford) but the forthcoming move has altered my plans now. So…. do you think you’ll offer something from January 2016? If so, I do hope you will stay in touch, as I’d be very interested.
I was also researching the Yoga and Psychotherapist lady too (no name I’m afraid…. but it came up when I entered ‘Pilates’ into a search for Sidmouth ~ hence the Kennaway connection).

I hope you don’t mind my ‘inquisitive’ enquiry.

Many thanks.

PS ~ your email address on the site seems invalid, I do hope this ‘sends’ OK.


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