From reviews of two novels published by John Murray: The Beautiful Truth and Hotel Juliet. Available in paperback, on kindle and in libraries.

“Powerful, brutal and deeply moving”

[The Beautiful Truth] is a deeply-intelligent book that deals with big themes – our engagement with history, the presence of the past, the dual urges to both remember and to forget – yet wraps them up in a beautifully-written and accessible story that never puts theme before character.’ Amazon Vine.

Hotel Juliet, translated into German, French, Spanish and Dutch, available in paperback, and in libraries as reading group set.

A breathtaking work and a deeply moving elegy to the transitory nature of family life

‘A cinematic novel of breadth and beauty, love and aviation. Superbly written, the author’s descriptions, particularly of masculinity, smells and voodoo are possessed of an almost ineffable resonance.’ The Brighton Argus.

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